So it's my second month into PB. I haven't been calculating my nutrients except every few days I tally up my calories to see if it's been crazy. More of than not, it hasn't been.

I have noticed that sugar is, at least for me, addicting. And I'm not using the word 'addicting' playfully. I'm very serious when I say that I think sugar is the sole cause of my weight gain and binge eating over most of my life. Maybe that's drastic, but for me it makes complete sense and explains a lot of my issues with weight and food.

I have been reading Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes and listening to the audiobook for Why We Get Fat. I am also reading Fat Chance by Robert Lustig(The guy who did the Sugar: The Bitter Truth).

It might seem silly to some long-timers but I only recently realized I have a binge eating disorder. I started doing research on that and found books that suggested years of therapy and basically said that I must have had some traumatic experience that causes me to overeat. So I tried meditation, yoga, talking my feelings out, looking for triggers, avoiding those triggers, trying to come to peace with every bad thing that's ever happened and attempting to become a Buddhist. Now, I don't think any of those things are inherently wrong but they weren't helping.

So I thought, "WHY do I have BED? Where does it start? Why does it persist? Why is my body driving me to do something that's killing it?"

I ended up here and it feels like I'm having epiphanies everyday. When I eat a fully primal diet and avoid excessive carbs and completely abstain from sugar I almost consistently eat, without thinking, the amount of calories it would take to lose 1-2 lbs a week for my weight. Of course, abstaining from sugar is easier said than done. Which led me to another epiphany. How many binges have been driven by an insatiable urge to consume sugar? Basically all of them! Otherwise the urge was to consume massive quantities of grains.

Again, this is probably nothing new to all of you, but I'm feeling pretty enlightened and I think I'm on the path to being free of my BED, as long as I remain primal. By the way, the thought of being primal forever does not frighten me. I am loving it. Right now my issue lies in staying away from sugar and I'm working at it very hard.

I just wanted to share these things with everyone. I love hearing other people's insight.