I am bringing dessert for this year's rather large seder crowd, which includes a family member who recently had a heart attack. His doctor-ordered dietary restrictions are surprisingly progressive: sodium <2000 mg/day; saturated fat <30% calories; no processed grains; minimal non-fruit/vegetable carbs; minimal stevia/luo han/honey; no artificial sweeteners. He is doing very well on this plan.

Naturally, I will bring a fruit salad, but I also want to bring other desserts that the whole family (including the patient) will enjoy. In spite of cooking primally for 2 years, I don't have a big dessert repertoire, and those that have come out the best have leaned heavily on the saturated fats.

Hours of searching paleo cookbooks and recipe sites turned up a lot of delicious-looking treats that are probably off-limits because of the large amount of coconut oil and/or honey. I have taken to experimenting, but so far the only successful experiment has been frozen banana "lollipops" rolled in a light dusting of finely shredded coconut. Everything I have tried with either liquid or powdered stevia has tasted weird. Since regular gelatin is not kosher I gave agar flakes a try and I was able to get some cooked-down unsweetened frozen fruit to jell, but I don't have any ideas for what to do with it.

Any ideas for low-sugar/low-sat-fat desserts? Much obliged!