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Thread: ~ *** Over 8 years problem: Help me be Fat & Heavy like you *** ~

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    Talking ~ *** Over 8 years problem: Help me be Fat & Heavy like you *** ~

    hi, i have this very big problem for over 8 years now where i've been losing weight. i track my weight from time to time and my lowest point had been 40 lbs under what i am suppose to weigh. and my highest point 10-15 lbs under. currently i am 25-30 lbs under.

    i just checked my average (medium) and it's ~25 lbs under over 8 years...

    im just not hungry. i don't finish my meals. im busy with more important things on my mind. i eat healthy. i am highly educated. exercising does NOT help to eat more (whatever research said that is very wrong and erroneous). i'm just tired. and after the time it takes to cook, im not at all hungry.

    any good advice or methods that would actually be **effective** (and healthy) in helping me on this front?

    i found this site via
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