We started a couple of years ago with Primal Blueprint, and have been on-again-off-again for that long. When we're ON, we feel really great, have more energy, and lose weight. We have since taken custody of my step son who is 16 years old and also needs to be primal due to extreme acne, and he's a walking sweet tooth (gee, wonder why the acne?) My husband is the most gluten-intolerant (and lactose intolerant) of the three of us, son in the middle, and I'm probably the least affected by it, but still prefer a primal diet.

I work in an office, so taking leftovers from the night before, or just primal chicken salad lettuce wraps is not a problem for me. I have my own fridge, and a microwave in the breakroom. But, my husband is a plumber, and I'm finding it quite difficult to plan his lunches following the primal guidelines. Never know when his break will be, no microwave to heat things up. I must admit we are not 100% primal...we gravitate towards corn tortillas a lot, and being on a very tight budget as of late, we still consume quite a bit of brown rice, as what we buy and what I cook has to stretch a long way. My son takes his lunch to school every day (and actually likes doing so, so I'm very thankful for that). Obviously the easiest thing for them to take is a sandwich. Obviously not primal. So, the past couple of weeks I've been making gluten free bread (mix by Bob's Red Mill). It's good, but still not primal even though it's gluten free. So I'm looking for some ideas here. But, to start, I'll share what we currently do.

This is what our typical weekday food intake looks like:

Fruit and green smoothie - filtered water, frozen mixed fruit or berries, flax seed, green superfood powder, apple cider vinegar, protein powder (has been soy, because I'm not sure how my husband will tolerate whey), all mixed in a Vitamix.

Lunch and snacks:
- Husband usually takes one or two Atkins shakes, nuts or trail mix, dried fruit (like cranberries), a gluten free bread sandwich with homemade mayo, lunchmeat and cheese.
- Son usually takes the same kind of sandwich (has been regular bread, but now the homemade g-free), an apple and chips. (not primal in the least)
-I will either take leftovers, or make chicken salad with pesto and homemade mayo. I have been taking gluten free crackers to try to avoid too much of any kind of bread. And yogurt and a banana or apple is usually my snack if I take one.

Dinner -
casseroles either involving brown rice, chicken or beef, cheese, corn tortillas. Soups with mixed vegetables, beef or chicken.

As I write this, it looks even worse than I thought. With the life changes it's just been difficult to get back to primal/paleo the right way. When we were 100% paleo before, we didn't have our son, we weren't on as tight of a budget, and my husband worked from home. Now, he's a plumber full time, so just the nature of his job is restricting and more welcoming of the "easy" to eat foods.

Please give me some suggestions how to modify our diet!