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Thread: best stevia brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post
    I use Truvia. Some people don't like erythritol, but I have no issues with it and it seems to look good in studies.

    Lately I've just been using a bit of organic sugar. It's not many calories and I just feel better having the natural stuff. Plus, by Grandma's rule, it's fine. My grandparents put real sugar and cream in the coffee and did just fine.
    erythritol isn't the problem people have with truvia. It is the "natural flavors" in it. That could be anything from msg to something wheat or soy.

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    I've been using stevia since you had to buy it as a green powder in the "supplement" section of the local hippy store because 1) the FDA hadn't yet approved it as a sweetener and 2) Whole Foods hadn't taken over the world yet. I wish I could remember the name of the place I used to go to in Fair Oaks, CA. That place was cool but I'm sure it's since been bought by or run out of business by Whole Foods.

    Pardon my walk down memory lane. I currently like the Whole Foods brand liquid extract. Sweetleaf is good too.

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    A wonderful brand, with NO aftertaste, is the liquid version from KAL.
    I used to get it from Whole Foods, but I don't see it there anymore.
    So, now I get it from Amazon.

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