Hi everyone. I am a carboholic. No. That's not right. I USED to be. Okay so I have only been at this for 8 days and the need to cheat has not been there. So far no carb flu. I focus on what I can have and refuse to think about what I can't have. I do not slow down in the dangerous sections of the grocery store. Eyes up...I am on a mission. I have my friend Steve to thank for this journey I am now on. I prayed for God to help me overcome my obsessive sweet tooth. I told him I did not have the willpower to fix it and I really needed his intervention. Next thing I know I am sitting beside Steve at a company gathering and he shares his 'new' way of eating and how WONDERFUL he feels. Without knowing quite why or how, I am just doing it. Steve and I text foodie pictures everyday (I admit his looks much prettier than mine). It has become a fun thing. We both bought some new 'special' plates and bowls to make our meals look more interesting and I am telling you it is working.

Some background. I never really had a major weight issue. Gained some weight with my daughter and never made it back to pre-pregnancy completely, but pretty close. I was comfortable in my skin if not in a bikini. Very active in my youth, and always somewhat active over the years. Then came my 40's. Well, not exactly fair. I was on a summer job in New Orleans after Katrina, in charge of air & mold sampling for 3 months and they not only paid us well, they gave us $40 a day per diem for meals. Well, there you go. Gained a lot of weight that summer eating out everyday. Never regained control of that no matter what I've tried and it has been a lot. Personal trainer, YMCA membership, Weight Watchers which resulted in about 15 lbs lost of the the 60-70 lbs. gained. I am self-employed and my business can get crazy sometimes so I quit exercising in December and could never 'make' myself get going again, therefore I gained back all I lost.

8 days ago I started this new way of eating. I don't think about food all of the time. I am less hungry. I have lost 3 lbs. and just KNOW this is the way it is supposed to be. The garbage in our food is killing people. I am so excited about the possibilities. I am not really telling anyone what I am doing. Just waiting for the results to speak for themselves. Oh, and my husband is down 5 lbs. this week. Men!