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Thread: Primal Living + Travel

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    Primal Living + Travel

    Hi all,

    Although Mark has done a fair number of blog posts on how to stay primal while on the road, I was curious if any of you had any MORE topics you were interested in learning about concerning either business traveling + primal, backpacking + primal, or long-term traveling + primal. The reason I ask is because I currently blog over at Travel and was hoping to add a high amount of value to the conversation.

    Thus far, I've written about (not published yet, but will be soon): working holidays suitable to primal living (think lots of time outdoors, healthy food, the ability to connect with nature), measures to take to ensure quality sleep under stressful conditions, how to make ethical food choices in foreign countries and many more.

    Do you guys have anything you're interested in? Please let me know!


    P.S. I've been a follower of the primal lifestyle since Fall 2010, and my hope is to bring the ancestral health movement to the larger travel community via this blog.
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