UGH! So, headaches was one of the worst symptoms for me with gluten intolerance. When I first went primal, they disappeared like a thief in the night. Now, in the last week, they are coming back. I had a horrible migraine on thursday that actually woke me up at 2am and lasted until 11am. I have had some kind of headache almost every day this week.

My diet does not include dairy at this time.

What I do eat: Eggs, almonds, pecans, any kind of meat all veg, little to no fruit. I would think headaches are caused by something I'm eating, but three different days I have either woken up with a headache, or developed one before eating or drinking anything except water. No way this is hydration related. I drink over one gallon of water a day. They are always concentrated in the middle of my forehead and it just burns. What. The. Hell.