A bit about myself:

I'm a 21 year old female student from Switzerland and I've decided to finally give this lifestyle a serious try!
I've been lurking around here for what seems like an eternity Ė one to two years probably.
Although I have been slowly incorporating primal foods and eliminating grains and such, I wasnít consistent enough with it for it to make a real difference. Additionally, my sleep schedule is sometimes way out of whack and Iím not as active as I should be.

Iím very interested in health and nutrition and I enjoy researching it, but sometimes the quantity of information out there can be overwhelming or confusing, which may have also been a reason why Iíve never actually started following any of it for a longer period of time.

My goal and why:

My goal is essentially to get healthy and fit (nothing too original ).
I donít have major health or weight issues, but still feel like they have a bigger impact on my quality of life then Iíd like them to have.

To name them all:

Light acne, stretch marks (from weight gain during my teens, I used to be skinny), brittle nails, dry skin, abdominal weight gain, some strength and coordination imbalance (Iím seeing I physiotherapist for this, I used to have lower back pain as a result of it. Iím very flexible and tall which may or may not have had an impact on my muscle-development growing up.), irregular BM, bloating after eating, low blood sugar (goes away when sticking to low carb), concentration problems and tiredness lately (doesnít help when one should be studyingÖ).

Iím 5í10.5íí (or 179cm), and I donít know how much I currently weigh (I have to change the batteries of my scale). My guess is 165lbs / 75 kilos (maybe more?). Iíd love to be somewhere around 143-154lbs or 65-70 kilos but with more muscle mass. My main problem is that I feel most of my excess weight is around my waist/ on my belly, I think my arms and legs look fine. In two months Iím going to California for a vacation and it would be great to come a bit closer to my goal until thenÖ


Iíve decided to create a journal to help me focus on my goals and to finally become a more active member. Iím fed up with my unproductiveness lately. Life is too short to not enjoy it and cherish it and a healthy body and mind are the basis for it.

I want to post here regularly. How my progress goes, maybe my daily diet or exercise as well. Please comment for tips, critiques, encouragement, random chatÖwhatever!