Hi all - The message that I got from the Primal Blueprint is to not worry about what your blood cholesterol levels are, as long as you're eating healthily. The last time I got my blood cholesterol checked was about 8 years ago, and my levels we all fine. At the time I was eating plenty of real food: meat, veggies, fruits, but also wheat and other processed foods.

Two months ago I started eating 'primally' and trying to follow Mark's other advice. I try to explain my diet to friends - I like to call it a change in eating habits - and they think I'm some kind of wacko. The discussion usually arrives to the subject of cholesterol and my friends tell my that I will die of heart disease on this diet. I know about Mark's opinion on the subject and I'm not too concerned about my own blood cholesterol, but I have seen several testimonials on this website in which people who are eating a primal diet high in meat and animal fats actually have cholesterol, LDL and HDLs that a right were CW says they should be. That, in my opinion is great ammunition to use in a discussion with these poor unenlightened people who are killing themselves with sugar and pasta

I will go to get my own cholesterol checked in a few months after I am down to a healthy weight. I'm still a few pounds overweight but since I've been on this diet I've lost 11 pounds (in 2 months) and I have never felt better.

So, my question for you folks who have been eating primally, is your cholesterol level where CW says it should be?