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Thread: Do you have high cholesterol?

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    A few years ago when I was just 16 and again at 17 I was told I had high cholesterol, with too much LDL, not enough HDL, and too much overall according to my former doctor. I haven't had it checked in probably 3 years now, but I know I really should so I can see what a year and a half of primal eating has done for me.

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    Before Primal and eating CW I had:

    High Cholesterol, High LDL, Low HDL and High Triglycerides.

    Now I have:
    High Cholesterol, High LDL, High HDL and Low Triglycerides. (much, much, much better!!!) My ratios were not good and now are excellent.

    Very little of the cholesterol in our bodies comes from ingestion of saturated fat, but is manufactured by our livers to meet the needs of our bodies.

    I have no interest in second guessing the wisdom of my body and therefore don't take the statins that doctors routinely push.

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    It's funny, for me, I've always had cholesterol levels considered good by the doctors' standards. Even when I was 100 lbs overweight and eating a low calorie, low fat diet trying to lose weight. I had my insurance physical last fall, and after losing 65-70 pounds at that point and moving to a mostly primal diet, but numbers were nearly the same and still considered good by the doctors. I've lost another 10 lbs, but I'm not going back to the doctors until I need to.

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