Okay, so I have never done this before. Forums have never been my thing, as I really don't share unless I'm asked to, but accountability is important and so is having a peer group who understands. That is why I am here in the cave, I am seeking the warmth of the communal fire that is all of us here trying to be healthy. Outside the cave is where Tyrannosaurs Cheesecake and Cream-Cheese frosting-a-tops lurk and I do not always have the strength or good sense to run screaming from them. Since I rose from the primordial ooze that is the SAD, I have been hunted by the unrelenting beast known as the Pastry Slinging co-worker. You know what I mean, the one who is all motherly and sweet as she literally pushes the sugar down your gullet. "Eat up dear, I bake this especially for you!"
In this instances I would love to go all Andy Samberg on her and "Throw it on the ground, Man!!". Alias though, that is not me, I cower behind prehistoric cubicle ferns, slowly trying to bury the treat from her view. "Oh no. don't get back to your desk, I want to see you enjoy the first bite!" The eager gleam in her eye is to much to bear and in the sage words of the Beastie Boys; "Sabotage!" Now your know my trials and the reason for my entering the cafe. Thanks for being here.