Forgive me if this is a newbie question. I'm still learning.

Tonight I cooked my first spaghetti squash using this recipe:

Garlic and Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash


But I used only half the olive oil and half the goat cheese called for. Even then it was so rich I could only eat a small portion. Now, it may be that I used a medium-sized squash instead of a large, but even then, that seems like a LOT of fat. I've made a few recipes from MDA in the past two weeks, and they seemed much lighter, but still delicious.

So, is this really okay? I know that sounds naive, but I'm only two weeks or so into this. It's totally okay if it is okay, by the way.

I just want to make sure I'm not overdoing it. Eating this much fat withot feeling guilty is going to take some geting used to.