I'm starting this journal today because:
1) I have only been following the eating part of the 10 laws in the Primal Blueprint. I need to start following the rest of the laws, especially the more difficult ones related to fitness and sleep;
2) if I put it on the internet, I have witnesses, and I will likely do a better job at following through;
3) it's the first of the month, I started the PB 30-day challenge today and I like starting things on a first.

Some facts:
53 yo female, single, no kids, caring for elderly mother with dementia, work from home at a computer, 6 wonderful cats, 1 overly devoted dog, rural 1 acre residence, surrounded by the most beautiful desert in the world.
But my size and my sedentary at-home job have led me to be isolated and lonely. Hiking last year helped me get out, but I couldn't loose weight due to my addiction to sugar and starch.

Weight when I started Weight Watchers (11/29/12): 242
Weight when I started Primal (1/19/13): 238
Weight this morning (3/1/13): 228

My goal: To loose fat, gain strength and to reach a weight that is reasonable for my frame, using the principles of the Primal Blueprint.
My motivation: I would like to enjoy life like all the success stories I read about on MDA!
My method: The PB way of eating; gentle 3-5 miles hikes in the many desert trails nearby; occasional sprints in the driveway; sleeping more and watching less TV; and perhaps cycling again (once the gut is gone).

Some background (and yes, I talk too much, but I don't have anyone else to talk to, so forgive me):
I converted to a Primal way of life mid January this year. Last year I didn't know anything about Primal or Paleo - I honestly thought they were fads that "foodies" had come up with in order to be "different" from everybody else (clearly this was an uninformed, uneducated theory).
I had already begun eliminating sugar last fall (with help of a hypnotherapist, seriously!), but after an uncontrolled consumption (~800 calories) of some very good chocolate around New Year's Day, I realized sugar was Evil, it was NOT my friend and I needed to eliminate it entirely! I had started Weight Watchers at Thanksgiving (I needed structure), but noticed I didn't loose much when I ate starches, even though I weighed and measured everything to the gram! And even though I got back on track right after that January 1st sugar binge, it had the effect of increasing my weight by 4 pounds over the next two weeks!
A series of events led me to a reference to MarksDailyApple, so I checked it out. Since then I have spent way too many hours (I have no social life) reading Mark's blog, reader comments and PB Forum entries, just to get grounded.
I have posted on the "Eat More Fat" (LCHF/Ketogenic) thread in the PB Nutrition Forum, but feel it's time to start my own journal here. I don't use Facebook.
I do have a copy of the Primal Blueprint, but am only at the beginning. I'm aware this is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. And I have never felt better or more confident about making this kind of change.

Well, I've written more than I intended; if you've read this far, thank you!
See you in Health!