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Thread: For those who have lost a good amount of weight- loose skin page 2

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    I find the salt baths make my skin feel and look tight and amazing. The salt masks, which I think are mentioned in one of the links I gave, are a real mess. Aloe vera gel and salt mixed together is COLD. And drippy. And I have no place to go while the salt is doing its thing. If you stand up the salt water kind of drips down your legs. If you lie down it trickles down your sides. I don't know about you but I can't stand still for 10 minutes in the shower without going crazy, and if you try laying down in the shower you just get cold. So I do the salt bath and try to submerge my whole body or even turn over so my boobs and stomach get a good dose

    The alfalfa capsules only contain the greens, IF that makes any difference to you, gladmorning. I actually looked it up before ordering to see exactly what it was. I saw it was a member of the pea family and wasn't going to take it but then read on t-tapp that only the leaves are used for their capsules so decided to go for it I'd probably take it anyway no matter what parts of the plant is used though! I'll try to remember to report back in a few months (when I **hopefully** have lost more weight!) to update this with my skin status.

    I have never worn a bikini and don't think it's ever going to be in the cards. I would like to feel good about myself in whatever I wear, though. The photo of Helen Mirren at 65 is purely for inspiration

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    Quote Originally Posted by little vase View Post
    The photo of Helen Mirren at 65 is purely for inspiration
    Don't forget the wonderful HM hasn't had children!

    I have stretch marks from two pregnancies, the first doing the damage as I gained a lot of weight very quickly with gestational diabetes. The loose skin did firm up over time, and survived a second pregnancy (which was sugar controlled).

    Ab work, I find especially through yoga, does really help your general 'outline' but stretch marks will only fade, not vanish! I think of them as a road map of my life experiences!

    What I have learned over the last couple of decades since my babies were born is that what you feel about yourself inside, and by that I mean emotionally and spiritually is what really counts. Once you get that sorted the physical body is really not that important provided it's healthy of course.
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    I have lost close to 200 lbs, but I lost post-menopausal, so very slowly. Yes, I have some loose skin, but clothed, I look just fine, so I don't worry about it. I do resistance exercises, and this has helped. I would never consider surgery because the amount of loose skin isn't bothersome or unsightly (when I'm dressed). In fact, people who did not know me prior to my weight loss cannot believe that I was ever overweight.

    How your skin responds is related to age, genetic factors, and the nature of the weight loss (fast/slow), and it's impossible to predict for any individual. Plastic surgeons suggest that anyone considering such surgery wait 2 years from reaching goal weight--not only to insure that they don't regain but it takes that long for the skin to fully respond--i.e., tighten as much as it will.

    One caution--a woman who posts on another board reported that she'd lost 100 lbs and had a tummy tuck. Her surgeon warned her in advance that if she regained any significant weight, the area would be 'a mess.' She regained all her weight and wrote that the area is now terribly disfigured.

    Given the statistics on regains (enormously high), everyone should wait to be sure they are going to maintain their loss before rushing into surgery.

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    Oh, I'm not considering surgery. But, it's a good point to wait a few years.

    I have stretch marks just from being fat. I don't care about those. I think I am going to get a skin brush and try salt baths. This might be difficult though. Being 6ft tall makes it hard to get into my bath tub and fully submerge. Actually, it's impossible. I'll try it and see what I can work out though. If anything, it'll be nice to have some nice pampering time. Something I never allot for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmie View Post
    Given the statistics on regains (enormously high), everyone should wait to be sure they are going to maintain their loss before rushing into surgery.
    The unfortunate fact nowadays is that a lot of people see surgery as the first resort for getting rid of 20 unsightly pounds, not a last resort after having lost their fat. On youtube you see a lot of people talking about "loose skin" they needed removed, but the skin has a good inch and a half of fat attached to it. There was plenty more shrinkage that could have taken place if they had lost enough weight to get down to a 30" waist.

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