Hello all - brand new here. I've been reading MDA for a while now (couple months). I have yet to jump in 100% with Primal - for me right now it's a process. Man, those dang grains and carbs are everywhere! My motivation is to be healthier and get more fit/lose some weight.

It's funny, I don't think the diet we have (my husband and i) is BAD - and actually it works just fine...for him. His body never changes, pick a day of the year and he's gonna be wearing those 30/32 levis and tipping the scales right about 143. just how it is....for him.

me? not so much. 52 years old, 5'9" and been stuck around 182ish for a long time. and now in the past year or so there's this weight shift to my middle which is SO not ok!

i suppose it's doable to have a semi-split household when it comes to meals and stuff? for now i'm trying to be real mindful of breakfast and lunch, meals while at work, and then just not fret so much over our dinner meal. i ordered Primal Fuel which is super handy to have at work!

totally a work in progress here! now what's this i hear about no cheese? come on...just kill me! can i just not go there for now? i'm revolutionizing my whole approach to food here!

anyway, nice to "meet" everybody!