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Thread: Afternoon people.

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    Afternoon people.

    My name is Nik,

    I just had the pleasure of reading the Primal Blue print. It was an easy to understand page turner and very enlightening so 5/5 for all the people behind that effort it was deeply appreciated by myself. Since reading i have offered it to a friend after telling her about it , she seemed quite interested and instead of asking for a copy of the book she went straight for the recipe book.....LOL.

    Ok so why am I here ?

    I am gonna be candid here, I signed onto this community because I am currently rebuilding my life after a brutal 5 years. Despite only being 28 I've aged too soon on the outside and inside, with it all coming to a head after the death of my mother and being told by a doctor to consider time off work...I eventually left my place of employment which was the most toxic environment I have ever experienced...

    So at the start of the new year my only resolution was to start from the start, a whole new life, and my founding block was to be a sound diet and life style...I read many diet books and finally discovered the blue print after looking into '' eating my environment '' as i put it.. I didn't know what else to call it

    So here I am...March 1st is day one of my new adventure so brace yourselves, this could get messy...I am thinking about taking some before (technically now) pics and comparing them to this time next year using nothing but the Blue print...

    At 6'2'' I weigh in as of this morning at 17st 1 lb

    Despite those numbers, i hide my weigh very well, so well that most people do not believe me when i tell them..I've got a lot of mass but very little chunky fat, as in big belly although it has been getting out of order of late.

    My previous diet, I'll spare you the list so i'll throw it under the banner of Junk my entire life. So we're talking about a full on re-boot of my diet and life style. I've fixed my 3/6 hours sleep a night for the past 10 years to 7 hrs constantly, already feeling the benefits of that... I also swapped the majority of my soft drinks for water,again feeling better for it.

    So, hope i haven't bored you to sleep with my long introduction but I'm just trying to build a picture as I've a feeling I'll be around for a while and i'll be documenting my progress.

    Last night i had a big pizza and fries with a large glass of cola.....pretty much the picture of my meals my entire life....

    However, tonight although not being perfect but a step in the right direction...I currently have,

    Haddock, Mixed frozen veg, Tomato and corn on the cob for dinner...Not perfect but i'll tune up my diet as i go...

    Glad to have joined and i look forward to being around, although i would appreciate a little encouragement as I am by in large on my own on this one, zero support from family so here goes!

    All the best,

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