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    Holy C**P! Your office mate should be charged with some kind of crime.

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    We had an an all company meeting and carb fest this morning. There were a few bananas and bags of peanuts but most of out people dug into the boxes of doughnuts, muffins and bagels. The thing that I find funny is that we have our "Get Fit" program where we're all meant to track our exercise and diet in order to get a better price for our health insurance. Then we serve that stuff. I'm warrioring today anyway, so lack of primal options didn't concern me. at all.

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    Yee gads, the only thing missing is some soda and some chocolate milk, or some Sunny D. Must be hiding in the mini fridge.

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    @suki - yeah to eating fruit but only a little and not by itself. Having to go shopping doesn't help. Having to go past a bakery and doughnut shop before I even hit the supermarket, then going through all those aisles full of of stuff I can't eat. And the family munching out on biscuits and icecream in front of me. It's a pretty big deal to radically change 40 years worth of eating habits.

    It's amazing to me how much wheat and sugar is in our diet, I'd never realized. I mean, if you said to someone, 'okay here's an new diet. You're going to eat half a cup of spinach (cooked however you like) four times a day', they'd say you were bonkers, that you shouldn't be relying so heavily on one food group. Like one of those grapefruit diets or something. But that's what we do with wheat.

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    So gross. Those cupcakes could be 10 years old with no decrease in food quality or safety. That's how bad they are to start out. People should eat food that can rot, before it does.

    I don't indulge often, but I like a good cupcake on my birthday (moist, dark chocolate cake, homemade buttercream frosting...once a year, it's totally worth it) but the things in that picture...they aren't even food. They aren't even UNHEALTHY food. They're cheap, chemically broken-down commodity crops, reassembled and tarted up with paint and gloss to LOOK like unhealthy food. I don't understand eating that any more than I understand eating the plastic foods kids play with in their mini-kitchens.

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