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Thread: Statins Save Lives!!!!

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    Statins Save Lives!!!!

    According to this article, it is self-evidently true and widely accepted that lowering LDL-C with statins saves countless lives. It makes my head hurt listening to all of the experts take diametrically opposing positions and all of them have plenty of research to back-up their positions. I will be getting a new lipid panel soon (first one since late 2011 when I started my primal journey). I am afraid to see the results as I suspect my LDL-C has skyrocketed due to my HFVLC diet. Most of the time I tell myself: who cares, high LDL-C is not a reliable predictor of anything and statins do much more harm than good. However, there are times (like when I read this article) that I wonder if I am signing my own death warrant with my HFVLC diet. I eat the HFVLC diet to control my blood sugar which I am betting is my best path to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.

    Do We Really Need Head-To-Head Comparison Trials With Statins To Improve Cardiac Health? - Forbes
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