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Thread: Rosy Cheeks and Warm Face?

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    Rosy Cheeks and Warm Face?

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    So I have been trying to follow the Primal Blueprint for over two months now. It has been great. Lots of energy, better mood, and a better life. Dropping over 40ibs is just the bonus..... I do have a question that I am unsure of. Through out the week I eat considerably less than the weekend. I am extremely busy and I find myself only eating at most 2 meals a day and most of the time settling for just 1 meal. I don't starve, I'm just not hungry. Here is my question.....

    When I eat just one meal a day, my cheeks become rosy and my face becomes warm. What is the cause of this? What are the negatives? Any other thoughts?

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    Seems like a rush in metabolism to me. This happens right after eating? And you're sure it's not because of WHAT you're eating? Like, a hidden allergy to something? Those would be my two guesses.
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    Could be an adrenal issue and you shouldn't fast if that's the case.. You don't eat, your body needs glucose but can't get it, your adrenals release cortisol and/or norepinephrine to prop your BS up... Often leads to a flush feeling

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