I know this has been answered before, but I am really confused by what I have read.

I spent 2012 trying to get healthy and in shape; and made good progress. I tried to follow the PB in terms of diet and exercise.

This year I want to take things a few steps further forward.

Iím just not sure how I can grow bulk/muscle and shed fat. Although itís not apparent from the pictures (I pull stuff in and push stuff out when the camera appears), I am carrying a lot more fat than I want

In the last 4 weeks my daily calorie intake has been 3,017. The split is; fat 49%, protein 44% and carbs 8% (61 grams a day) and alcohol zero. This is almost the same split since the start of 2013.

My carb levels are usually quite low as I try to just eat plants and animals. My carb levels this year have been very low as I have tried to shed fat quickly

I try to get to the gym once or twice a week to lift weights; and occasionally attend a spin class.

Should I just eat more and hope for the best; should I care about the levels of carbs? It seems counter-intuitive to lose fat by eating more.

I really would appreciate some guidance (someone has suggested Nick Nilssonís Metabolic Surge; ďEssentially, fasting until your workouts and consuming your largest meal of the day afterĒ. Iíll look into it).

This is a short history;

2010 Ė First attempt to follow PB (living in Bulgaria)

January 2012; The start of my determined effort to get into shape

December 2012 -

After a four week vacation over Christmas and New Year, I really struggled to get back on track. In total, I went about 8 weeks with very little exercise; and I strayed from my regular diet.

Late February 2013