Im hoping, and early signs are promising, that i will indeed look to use that "20%" less frequently as i will have ticked off any food cravings or food longings i may have had. And thats been the case after doing a lil self experiment, by going through a list of foods i haven't had for years, in a week long binge has allowed me to get the off my mind and refocus.

I understand people should be waryb if they have had eating disorders how restricting your diet and eating strictyly 100% would probably be best route and if you have weight issues or such, that its just not worth or viable to even contemplate going off the wagon with food choices.

Me on the other hand, im 25, no weight issues, just a bit of digestive health problems encountered 3 years ago which a strict adherence to diet and lifestyle has improved my conditions, and a primal lifestyle helps maintain my health to best it can be, will eventually dip into the darkside as i call it