Ok, so whilst i like to be stringent and fully commited with pretty much everything i do, i do enjoy letting my standards slip now and then (i think there is something healthy aout reducing your constant thinking and/or stressing about something) so im thinking of this year incorporating a lil 80-20. Specifically, im contemplating making 1 day of the week where i will eat something not necessarily primal, or even close to it!

Is this abusing the 80-20 rule, in that if i say once a week eat a non primal meal and with ofcourse, a desert accompanying the dish?

The main reasons i am contemplating this, is not because of cravings (although now and then they will hit me like most people here im sure) but sometimes its just nice to eat with friends or family, even if the meal is shockingly nutrient deficient, inflammatory, health degenerating and whatever other negative word you can associate with food. The next day will most likely be a recovery, either just getting back to eating primal, or IF'ing or whatever else can be beneficial to recoverying from toxic dumping your body!

What are peoples thoughts on this and in general 80-20 rule? Has it been discussed how to mitigate aftermath of 80-20?