So we have two local stores that sell Rotisserie chickens, fresh and natural. One has nothing on it except spices. DELICIOUS! And the other has Sodium Phosphate in or on it. I was wondering how bad is this? I now work at the place with this Sodium Phosphate Chicken, and I'm curious since I get a good price if it's okay. ALSO, I've been watching documentaries, THEY SOUND LIKE CRAP!!!

"A complete veggie based diet is the way"
"Meat is cancer"
In my head, I'm picturing eating 10 pounds of ribs and drooling. So ... any takes on this? The show goes on about how AWFUL meat is for your body, arteries, heart. I can see it maybe becoming an issue if you over eat...

Any how, last question. I recently work two jobs now. Sometimes 11 hours almost non-stop on my feet. My energy levels are pretty good. I am curious how good it is for me, and my body. Me thinks its a pretty for burning fat and calories. I do customer service. I work at a lil restaurant, and a deli.

I just started at both last week. I like it! I still plan on lifting, and playing 2-3 times a week. And I still walk a lot.

Any advice/feedback rocks!

Tell me about meat! Why you love it, and why the media should die. In a hole. meat. MEAT.