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    15-20 a week. So $22.54-30.05 a week. Sometimes more if I buy up some rarely-used luxuries, like mangos, almond flour or coconut milk, but usually never more than 20 on average over a month.

    I think I'm "winning", but I'm a student that can't afford pastured meat besides free-range chicken and NZ lamb, so any other meat is standard. Also, being a student: I can get reduced-price goods before anyone else is even on their way home from work.
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    Our food costs have dropped around 25%.

    We had always bought mostly organic, so the difference is just dropping all the processed packaged stuff.
    Fruit, Veg & meat hasn't really gone up that much so I think we are just eating less naturally.

    I think both of us had slightly dodgy thermoregulation in different ways, I used to get severe night sweats and reckon I probably burnt off 1,000 calories just sweating in my sleep. Haven't had any major episodes since diet change, i think it was a gluten & carb thing combined.

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    $300 or so for a family of 3.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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    I spend about $600.00 monthly on groceries for 2 when we're in Atlanta.
    It rises quite a bit when we go to FL beach house, about $50.00 more per week.

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    we spend between $100-$150 a week. that me and my wife and 2 large dogs. all from local farms or organic and whatnot from wegmans

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    For two people, one Primal and one not...

    From grocery stores, about $150/month - This is where we get our dairy products, the bf's non-primal stuff (bread, cereal, etc.), cold cuts, eggs, produce, and any other day-to-day stuff.

    From Costco, about $200 every other month or so (but not all of this is food) - This is where I buy my meat in the winter, nuts/seeds, almond butter, canned tuna, vitamins, granola bars (for the bf) and other non-perishables, as well as cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.... all in bulk, which is why we only go every 2-3 months.

    However, in the warm weather things change. We signed up for a meat & egg CSA so our trips to Costco will decrease in frequency and cost (at least half, I believe) and I will no longer need to buy eggs at the grocery store during that time. The meat and egg CSA is costing us shy of $80/month for 6 months. I anticipate that we will spend less than $100/month at the grocery store now and less than $100 per Costco trip during that time.
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    Average around $80 a week for two people (SO isn't paleo). I'm a grad student so I can't buy grass fed organic meats, but at least I found kerrygold cheese at Sam's club for $6/lb ($16/lb at the grocery store). I'll buy the big pack of ground beef or chicken breasts at Sam's club and freeze in smaller portions so that helps a lot with the cost. That doesn't include the SO's beer or frozen pizza (I refuse to buy things I can't eat that are horribly unhealthy).

    I used to do a LOT of coupon shopping, so that's a big increase over what I was spending for processed foods. When he was unemployed and I was working part time I was spending half as much on food.

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    We have been following the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan for two weeks now and I would say that it averages to about $200 a week for the both of us. There is definitely very little produce going to waste when you have a plan. Previously we would spend about $50-$80 at the grocery store plus lunches out most of the time so another $100. Therefore the overall food bill has not increased dramatically, but the benefits of healthier eating and not wasting produce are worth it. We have not bought any paleo-approved meat however, that price includes your regular supermarket meats only. Nuts and specialty flours have driven up the cost, but that should dilute over time since we have been eating them very sparingly.

    Once I get a sense for what to buy, I will definitely stock up on whatever I can when it's on sale and re-invest the savings into grass fed beef!

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    I live in Southern California and spend $85/week for a family of 4 consisting of 2 adults and 2 young children. I'm not able to buy all grass-fed (usually every other week I get grass-fed ground chuck) and not all of our produce is organic, but I do what I can. I get pastured eggs and some produce at my local Farmer's market, but the rest is from local markets and Costco. I've been chronicling what I buy each week and the food that I feed my family on a daily basis here - Feed the Clan. My pictures aren't the greatest, but it may help to give you some ideas of how it's possible.

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    These are rough estimates, but I'm coming out with about $65 a month for myself.

    I buy meat about once a month, frozen, in decent quantity, either at a local farm or US Wellness Meats. So that's usually $150. Only because I get mostly organs, ground beef (the pet food version from US Wellness. One of my secrets to being poor & primal), and other budget cuts, and no steaks or chops or roasts.

    I would say I spend an average of $100/month on grocery store and Amazon purchases on top of that. Produce, coffee, dairy, sardines (grocery store), Nori paper, coconut milk, gelatin, Himalayan salt (Amazon).

    5 gallons of coconut oil was like $135 with free shipping. That'll last me probably at least a year, so dividing it by 12 = $11.25. So close to $65.

    If I ate fish that didn't come in a can, steaks instead of livers/ground beef, and more organic berries and stuff, I could easily spend $100. Probably could hit $150 without trying too hard.

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