Just curious as to what everyones food budget is. I probably spend too much, but I spend way less in other areas, and I think good food is important.
Ours is $800 every 2 weeks. Half of that is on meat.
Works out to be $100 per person per week, which I guess is not awful. But I know it could be done on much less, so wondering what yours is, and do you go organic always?

I don't buy organic everything, and occasionally lately ive been buying produce at the supermarket which I don't normally do, but its a convenience to do so at the moment.

Our meat is from one butcher who uses no hormones, and all his meat is organic free ranging, same with the egg chickens.
I mostly buy fruit and veg from a small local farm with seasonal stuff, not certified organic, but he says he only uses pesticides on the broccoli.
Supermarket is generally for toilet paper, tuna, spices and olive oil.