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Thread: weight loss without exercise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    My friend lost a ton of weight with zero exercise and frankly he looks like hell- like a deflated jellyfish.
    I personally think that the deflated look and loose skin are not related to how fast one loses weight. It takes time for skin to tighten up. A person who loses weight very slowly might never notice loose skin like one who loses quickly, but all other things being equal (age, genetics, inches lost) they will reach the same end point. As I have lost weight my skin has tightened up considerably.

    But now would be an ideal time for your friend to get in shape.

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    I lost all my weight with only a half-hearted, intermittent walking regime for exercise. And the first 50 lbs came off in 6 months so it wasn't like lack of exercise really slowed me down.

    Now that most of the fat is gone, it's pretty obvious, at least without clothes on, that my muscles have very little shape to them. So addressing that is my current project. I find, too, that at my current size, all exercise is much easier, so that's a big boost psychologically.
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    You don't have to exercise like a maniac to lose weight. A little walking will make you feel good, though, and may curb your appetite some to help you lose weight. Plus if you do it outside you get a bit of Vitamin D from the sun and it just takes your mind off stuff.
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    It's definitely possible! I didn't have tons of weight to lose (around 25 lbs) but I honestly did it without working out once. I wouldn't even walk around the block or anything... on top of that, I have a sedentary desk job! I only started working out when I was at my goal weight in an attempt to get toned!

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