Yeah, I know we should not eat sweets made from paleo approved foods. But damn, every so often I want a dessert and the past week has had me craving and eyeing the bakery.

Tonight I made a chocolate mug cake from the Paleo Treats cook book. It makes 2 servings.
I wanted a topping for it, so browned some (maybe 1 T) coconut shreds in a pan and threw in half a banana sliced. Then poured in a bit of coconut milk into the pan with the bananas and shreds of coconut(2 T to heat and thicken). Pour the bananas on the warm cake. Eat. The cake is very fudgy. I ate 1/2 of the cake and the banana and am now STUFFED and happy to have satisfied my cravings.

And it was legit good. Like you could serve that in a good restaurant and people would never have any idea it was some funky paleo recipe. Very rich.

Craving gone.