Is lifting heavy (IE starting strength style, low reps, high weights) helpful to someone who has a lot of weight to lose?
I see mixed things on this, and I know when I do a session, not super huge weights, but I guess for me heavy enough, I end up 1-2 kg up on the scales, and it takes a week or so to come off. I haven't lifted in a couple of weeks, and the scale has been going down. But also think that is due to working out the right amount of food for me, which I have done.

I always read about how lifting weights are great for fat burning, but usually this comes from people who suggest things like pump classes or machines, lower weights, many reps), so does this make the difference?
I do not plan on doing pump classes or machines again.

Anyway, so does the scales go up for anyone else after a lifting session like SS? Is this due to the muscles holding on to fluid while trying to repair? Is this a real thing or not?

Yes I know the scales shouldn't matter, but right now they do.

Hopefully someone gets what I am asking LOL. I suck at trying to get things out of my head.