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Thread: Energy levels just 'switched off'

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    Energy levels just 'switched off'

    I was hoping some of you folks could give me a little advice as I've been following the PB since October 2012 and have had very positive results so far but have suddenly lost a lot of energy and I'm not sure if its something in my diet or my health issues.

    Brief background.

    My full background can be found here when I introduced myself and my story; basically I appear to have something akin to ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which has been improving since I started in October last year. I've stayed 'on plan' and fairly low carb since, no grains, pasta or rice and potatoes only occasionally. I eat plenty of vegetables with a reasonable amount of fat and protein.

    I don't eat breakfast as I'm not hungry in the morning but will have a coffee with double cream in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. I don't normally feel like lunch so I eat in the evening @ 6pm most of the time but sometimes will have an omelette or chicken salad for lunch.

    I inadvertently found myself doing intermittent fasting each day, eating at the same time of day; 6pm - 9pm but at the weekend will usually have something like bacon and egg/omelette for lunch. Alcohol is a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday and Saturday evening - nothing during the week. That's how I've been eating for about four months.

    I've been doing convict conditioning 3 days a week since November and have seen a big improvement in my fitness - because of my health I can't do sprinting or HIIT but take the dog for a walk everyday, do push-ups and pull-ups etc which has seen me do well over the months.

    The problem.

    A month back I developed an ache in my shoulder and I decided to take a break from CC over that weekend as I didn't want to risk an injury.

    When I started again the following week I felt sluggish and gradually felt like I was slowly losing my 'energy' - my reps were slowly reducing and I was getting tired a lot quicker. The less I did of CC the worse I felt and my legs are aching and getting tired again. I've also noticed that my weight loss has stalled, although that's not my number one concern - thats the energy level issue.

    I'm male, 5ft 9" and 160lbs. I've tracked my food on myfitnesspal since I started and I seem to be taking about 1500 calories a day, averaging 15% carbs, 21% protein and 64% fat - sometimes the protein is slightly higher and fat lower but carbs are quite low regardless of the meal.

    I'm not sure if this a relapse with the ME or whether what I've been doing for the last four months has done its work well but maybe I've run low on 'something' - possibly glycogen because I've been quite low carb? Is it because I'm not eating enough (due to the 'intermittent fasting' I do 5 days a week)?

    Can anyone suggest any changes I need to make or do you think its more than likely a relapse? Any advice would be appreciated!
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