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Thread: can't get my calories down

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZ primal Gwamma View Post
    EAT girl EAT - this is not a time to calorie restrict............
    ..........actually I will qualify - eat good quality foods. Carbs, fats and proteins !
    Just enjoy this time with your beautiful children. They are little for such a short time !!!!!!!!
    thanks for the reminder! I have a 13 year old as well, so yeah...time flies!

    So, I ate more carbs yesterday, in the form of more veggies, 1/2 an apple, berries, and yes, some dark chocolate. Ended up lower cal over all, by quite a bit, and feeling satisfied. thanks! I think I'll just eat veggies whenever I want and not worry about the carbs...if I stay in the 50-100 range for carbs, or even sometimes up to 150 I should be fine.

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    oh, and the scale was down

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