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Thread: can't get my calories down

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    can't get my calories down

    So, I'm 5'1", 192lbs, and nursing a 5 month old exclusivley and a 3 year old a few times a day. I'm already 10lbs below my prepregnancy weight (combo of Weight Watchers - which left me constipated and with dry skin, and then low carb.) Right now I'm desperately trying to lose more weight. I am NOT healthy, obviously, at this weight. However, I am nursing, and that means I am not supposed to go into ketosis? That I need to watch my nutrients? Plus it makes me hungry, lol. Or I'm just using it as an excuse, I don't know.

    I'm looking for help tweaking my eating, and seeing where I could improve. I already know I need to get rid of the artificial sweetener, but coke zero is my only vice, lol. I've purchased no calorie, non flavored seltzer and that is helping me...I'm down to half the soda volume per day. And as of yesterday dropped the splenda in my coffee to one packet instead of two. Will eventually give that up. But you see issues? This is yesterday's food:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter, 2 strips of thick cut bacon, cofee with heavy cream and 2 splenda
    Lunch: 5 1/2 oz steak (cheap steaks), sliced tomato, some mayo to dip the tomato in, spinach cooked in the steak drippings and extra butter, sprinkle of blue cheese
    Dinner: I got home exhausted from visiting my mom so just ate leftover: another 5-6 oz steak, 2 pieces left over bacon, mayo, coffee with heavy cream and 1 splenda

    Snacks: 1 cup berries in 1/4 cup heavy cream (grass fed), square of dark chocolate,

    Later snack, as I was feeling hungry/craving something: 5 pork rinds, 1/2 oz cheese, spoonful of coconut butter.

    (I log everything in fitday, and my breakdowns yesterday were:
    fat: 68%, 195.9g
    Protein:24%, 146.7g
    carbs: 8%, 54.4g
    calories: 2565
    Is this (with more veggies...can't believe I didn't eat any last night. Normally I eat 1 bag of broccoli/cauliflower, roasted in coconut oil topped with parmesan cheese at dinner), what I should be doing? Scale is moving up and down, and my clothes are elastic so I can't tell if they are getting looser. I do FEEL better most days. This morning was ROUGH though..but my baby wakes at night, plus allergies are awful right now, so that is to be expected I guess. Most days though I have more energy and am less foggy. I seem to be craving the bacon. But my calorie count is through the roof...well over 2,000 calories most days, never under. Any thoughts as to why I can't seem to get the food down lower without being hungry?
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