A couple of weeks ago, while out with my family (my parents, siblings and husband), I met another primal person. The reason it was weird is because we were at a Japanese steakhouse. My family was trying to talk me into eating things that would make my tummy hurt and right across the table the same thing was happening to this guy. His wife was going on about how restrictive it was and that he should eat everything because they were out. She even apologized for his eating habits. I piped up and said I ate that way too and it was nice for someone to have my back at dinner. We talk across the table about it and honestly having someone else made it way easier to deal with my parents and my family. Best part is he actually got my husband to follow primal with me. I believe there is solace in numbers. Now having my husband doing primal with me I don't feel as pressured (he has lost nine pounds!!!!). Has anyone else found that having people who eat like you help in maintaining primal and if not how do you find the inner strength to deal with the constant nic-picking?