My story is a fairly long one but I'll try to be brief!..

I've been going on and off of low carb for over a year. I do great in ketosis - cravings wise, I am/was a serious sugar addict. It's taken me this long to really realize I just can NOT have "reward" meals... ever, period.

I need to lose 100 pounds. I am a 49 year old female.

I love ketosis because I feel like I have the appetite of what I would think a "normal" person's is but after a while I always start to have what I THINK are electrolyte issues. I've blacked out twice (almost three times) and was Dx as having "vagal nerve fainting". Dr. said it could be low blood pressure or electrolyte issues or both.

I am also really struggling because I also have zero energy and never seem to really get any. I have been VLC for weeks at a time (up to 10 weeks) and just never seem to get any energy.. I think I just can't get fat adapted. I always end up "carbing up" because I feel like a slug and the fainting issues honestly scare the cr*p out of me.

Energy wise I am ok for day to day function but when I do anything that is very exerting, like working in my yard (I live in central FL) or taking a very long walk, or get overheated at all this is when the issues with fainting or graying out crop up. I try to use sea salt liberally (per Art and Science of Low Carb Living) and I add concentrace minerals to my water. I am constantly VERY thirsty. I never seem to get enough water. (I am not diabetic).

I recently went more towards Primal to try to add a few "safe" carbs like berries, apples, half a sweet potato and full fat Fage.. to bring up my carbs a bit (maybe 80 carbs a day max) but it's such a fine line that If I have too much at all I start having cravings. (I've been doing this about 10 days).. last night I had horrid cravings and ended up binging on pecans.

I've been at this for so long I am beyond frustrated. Can anyone offer any advice? I feel pretty lost and confused.