Hi All,

Just starting day 4 and have to say I feel OK. I don't really seem to have the carb flu people talk about, but I am feeling tired. Still tweeking with what I eat.

Typical day for me:

Morning - banana or apple, maybe some raw cashews, tea with skim milk and splenda(I know, I know)
Lunch - scrambled eggs with linguica or fresh meatballs
Dinner - Steak,Chicken,or Pork, with a bunch of veggies or a big salad - I had a small sweet potatoe on day 2.

I may also have a small piece of 75% dark choc and I do have a glass or two of milk with Dinner, small glass though. I also have some extra charp cheddar cheese slices.

No weight loss yet though I am not surprised, it is only day 4. Some people posted they lost 5+ lbs in week one and I am def. not on track for that.

Am I just eating too much dairy? I am finding that hard to give up.

I have no idea about counting carbs and all that other jargon.

I have also worked out twice. Trying to not do so much as it seems that can lead to binging. 30 mins cardio is what I did. Adding walks once we spring ahead.

I really want to succeed at this and any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!