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Thread: Is it a rough winter, or is Primal making me sick?

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    Yup, hacking up a lung is definitely painful... and it's 2am as I write this because I woke up after a mere 2 hours of sleep due to my throat being dry as hell and my desire to cough has come back. Just drank some ginger-lemon-honey tea and feel better, but I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight. Thinking about getting a humidifier tomorrow.

    My boyfriend is much like your husband, Primal123 - he usually is the one to get sicker more often and for longer bouts; yet he hasn't caught any of my colds this season. Odd... and unfair!

    Anyway, I hope I feel better, too. Luckily tomorrow (er... today?) is Friday so hopefully I can peace out of work early again and spend the weekend getting better.
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    I've had a similar experience. Went primal a couple months ago and have been sick 3 times since with cold like symptoms including 5 days of what I think was flu. I'm in the Uk and this is feeling like a long winter now.

    Interestingly this is my second attempt at primal. Tried about 18 months ago (late summer) and had 6 successful months where I felt fantastic all through winter (fell off the wagon due to a new job with more hours, more stress).

    I wonder if it's just the wrong time of year to ditch the carbs. I know since going primal this time I have been desperate for some sun, which has never bothered me in the past and I know I'm not getting enough vitamins this time round as we just each less raw veg this time of year. Perhaps going primal in winter requires more effort/commitment/planning that in the hotter months.

    That said I'm way ahead of my weight loss goals and sleeping 8 hours a night again so I'm sticking with it. Still doing that new stressful/tiring job so perhaps I'm giving PB a hard time?

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    My husband and I both had awful colds, he's had an ongoing dry cough, mine comes and goes. The air is dry, poor circulation and not enough fresh air as the house has been closed up too much. Yes to the humidifier. I put mine away when it started getting a bit warmer, now we're in the midst of a cold snap again and last night I woke up hacking because my throat was so dry it gagged me, which turned into a coughing fit. Also, a neti pot. I'd never used one before but I am a true believer now. Mine kept me from getting a raging sinus infection. It was one of those, "okay, okay I'll try it if it keeps me away from the doctor" awakenings. I was doing much better and put mine away but was planning to get it back out this morning. Work had also been particularly bad and I've not been getting enough sun. It's looking pretty clear today, though, so perhaps I'll go on a longer hike with my husband and the dogs, as I'm sure I'm horribly lacking in D3.

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