For a week I have been developing what looks and feels exactly like eczema around my eyes. It started in the outer corner of one eye, and is now spreading to the center of my under eye area.
It is also starting in the corner of my left eye now.
The skin is dry, itchy and red. My eyes are not affected in any way (no oozing, redness etc.) and I don't have any other problems. I did not change any creams, I don't use foundation or eyeliner under my eyes (sometimes eyeliner for above but above is fine), I don't use mascara....I really have no idea what could have caused it.
I do wear contacts once in a while, but can't imagine that it would only cause problems under my eye? I haven't worn them in 5 days and there is no improvement really. I put lanolin on the dry area and it is a bit less dry and red.

I would have to add that I have been going through hormonal imbalances since fall of last year. Mainly PMS from hell, acne and hair loss, fatigue.. but later also chronic carpal tunnel and heart palpitations.
I am 2 months into a detox using DIM (diindolylmethane?), burdock root, vitex and milk thistle and my PMS has bettered dramatically and I have normal, regular periods again, my acne is almost gone (minor break outs) and my hair loss is much better.
I am not sure what caused it, but I was eating low carb ( 1/2 of 30-70g, I am breastfeeding) (unitended) and since raising my carbs I have been feeling a lot better and my thyroid and liver improved.

I am not sure it is hormonal, or maybe a side effect? Although that does not seem likely because I have been doing this for two months.

Is there anything I can do dietary wise? Are there any foods likely to cause it? I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow, but I want to make sure the root problem is taken care of.