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Thread: How many times should I eat liver a week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG View Post
    How often do you eat your organ meats? I think twice a week is a decent starting point but I'd like to hear what y'all have to say too.
    If you don't like liver, then I suggest freezing it solid, then getting it out and grating a little bit of it over mince when you are cooking a stir fry or something. The 'liver taste' will be quite diluted, particularly if you are going for a tomatoey flavouring.

    That said, we love the taste of chicken livers, and have one each with our bacon and eggs for breakfast every second day.
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    Fish livers are easily the mildest tasting liver I've had. I eat them raw, straight from the fish. Think they are generally higher in vitamin D than animal liver so have a good balance of A & D
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    So what about Braunschweiger or liverwurst??? I can stomach those but beef liver has me green and gagging.

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    Fish livers are easily the mildest tasting liver I've had.
    i was so surprised when i tried the first one i had. i was expecting like that horrid CLO taste and it just wasnt there. my problem is now getting fish livers. once you get into liver, you realise there is only one liver per animal. i def go on liver binges where i will eat heaps and then have a good few weeks or more off. cooking liver and then letting it go cold as in how you make liver pate changes the flavour and makes it way more palatable i reckon.

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    once you get into liver, you realise there is only one liver per animal.
    Ladies and gentleman, Monsanto will now begin genetically modifying animals to have up to four livers per animal!
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