I'm addicted to junk food of the sugar/salt/fat variety. Simple as that. I know this and I've told my wife this but despite her educational and work experience in rehab, she's skeptical.

My entire adult life I've maintained my own household and simply refrained from buying junk food and having it in the house. Fast food is a whole other story and I still struggle greatly with it.

I'm 45 next month, 5' 11" and just shy of 400 lbs. I know if I went to the doctor tomorrow I'd get a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. At least.

My wife's sister and her 9 and 11 year old nieces have moved in with us and the food she feeds those girls is so bad that I only half jokingly think it qualifies as child abuse. The 11 year old still looks like a little model but the 9-year old has a double chin and a gut that would make an alcoholic cringe. Also, I've never seen a kid as obsessed with food as she is. She shows all the signs of heading for a full-blown food addiction.

Since they've moved in, our kitchen is filled with bags of chips, boxes of cookies, boxes of snack cakes, ice cream, boxes of frozen food (pizzas, hot pockets, etc....). For me it's like being an alcoholic living in a liquor store.

To be totally honest, it pisses me off. I haven't really said anything to my wife because I'm conflicted about whether it would be a reasonable request. A big part of me thinks it's just my weakness and lack of will power but another part of me acknowledges that this addiction is part of my reality. If that crap is constantly around I'm going to have a very hard time with it.

What do you guys think? Is asking my wife to tell her sister to get rid of the crap or maybe just keep a few things in their bedroom (where I never go out of respect for their privacy) out of line?