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Thread: Is it fair to ask others in the house to get rid of junk food?

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    Is it fair to ask others in the house to get rid of junk food?

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    I'm addicted to junk food of the sugar/salt/fat variety. Simple as that. I know this and I've told my wife this but despite her educational and work experience in rehab, she's skeptical.

    My entire adult life I've maintained my own household and simply refrained from buying junk food and having it in the house. Fast food is a whole other story and I still struggle greatly with it.

    I'm 45 next month, 5' 11" and just shy of 400 lbs. I know if I went to the doctor tomorrow I'd get a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. At least.

    My wife's sister and her 9 and 11 year old nieces have moved in with us and the food she feeds those girls is so bad that I only half jokingly think it qualifies as child abuse. The 11 year old still looks like a little model but the 9-year old has a double chin and a gut that would make an alcoholic cringe. Also, I've never seen a kid as obsessed with food as she is. She shows all the signs of heading for a full-blown food addiction.

    Since they've moved in, our kitchen is filled with bags of chips, boxes of cookies, boxes of snack cakes, ice cream, boxes of frozen food (pizzas, hot pockets, etc....). For me it's like being an alcoholic living in a liquor store.

    To be totally honest, it pisses me off. I haven't really said anything to my wife because I'm conflicted about whether it would be a reasonable request. A big part of me thinks it's just my weakness and lack of will power but another part of me acknowledges that this addiction is part of my reality. If that crap is constantly around I'm going to have a very hard time with it.

    What do you guys think? Is asking my wife to tell her sister to get rid of the crap or maybe just keep a few things in their bedroom (where I never go out of respect for their privacy) out of line?

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    Your house, your rules. If she (SIL) doesn't like it, she can find another place.

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    It would be entirely reasonable to request that "junk foods" be kept out of sight, maybe in their room, especially if you frame it as "I'm working on my weight/health, and you ladies would really be helping me with that by keeping foods that tempt me out of the kitchen."

    Women, in general, love to be helpful and co-operative. It's how we're wired, and a request for help will probably meet with little or no resistance, compared to an order.

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    I agree with the "your house, your rules" philosophy.

    Although I am also big on the "A guest is a jewel resting on the cushion of hospitality" train of thought.

    Are they guests in your home? Tenants? Are they paying rent? Those things make a difference. If I were paying rent for a room and "kitchen share," I'd have a real problem with someone telling me what types of food I could bring into the house.

    I tend to think it's weird to keep food in a bedroom, so if that's what you're suggesting they do, you might meet some resistance. Also, I think eating in the bedroom is a bad habit for anyone, particularly a little girl who might already be headed toward some serious food issues.

    Could you perhaps clear out a cabinet or drawer specifically for their junk food? Yes, it will still be in your kitchen. And yes, it will still be within your reach. But perhaps just having it in a designated spot--a place where you can say "That drawer is NOT mine"--would help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sqidmark View Post
    Your house, your rules. If she (SIL) doesn't like it, she can find another place.

    Comes down to if your wife has your back or not though.
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    You could install a locking cabinet in the kitchen for her to keep their stuff in.

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    I agree with above, designate a cabinet for their food. That cabinet will not be yours and will be easier to avoid. I do think that you should have a serious discussion with the family about getting on board with eatin better.

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    Well... if I (a recently quit smoker) had a smoker move in with me, I would very kindly ask them to not smoke in my apartment. The temptation to join them would be too much.

    If having junk in the house is a struggle for you, they need to respect that. Maybe cook them some fun meals to make it easier.

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    I think it makes it harder to have crap in the house. I bet if you sit down, bring up your health issues and new lifestyle, and request that to help support you, that they keep the junk foods in their room, a seperate cabinet etc. that they will be happy to help.

    Very sad about the daughter. Hopefully you will have success and set a positive example.

    If you are going to be in an environment with tempting foods, make very sure that you always have plenty of your favorite primal foods. If I run out of eggs or nuts the stuff I keep around for my SO can start looking tempting. (Mainly if I need a snack, I have a hard time not eating cheese and crackers if I don't have a boiled egg or some nuts). So make extra sure that you have primal faves on hand so that you are enjoying a steak while they eat some shitty pizza versus looking sadly at your chicken breast on a dry salad....
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    Guests in the home should abide by the rules of the house. If you have a no junk food rule, then it should be abided by.

    Residents of the home (IE, your wife) should have the same freedom to eat what they want as you do. What if your wife went Vegan and told you that you can't have meat in the house? Would that be cool with you?

    I'd say, compromise. Ask them to put the junk out of sight. But that said, I don't buy into having an actual "addiction" to junk food. I can buy that you get cravings for it- they have chemists that make that stuff so that you will. But it's not heroin. You can choose not to eat it.
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