up until 2 months ago... i preached the low fat..High Carb diet... this way of eating led me to be Always hungry, always craving sugar.. and always over weight.

Than i stumbled across underground wellness... He kept saying fat is good.. Im thinking hes crazy..

Then i 'somehow' found a site called marksdailyapple and iv been on it for weeks. My wife thinks im possessed.

Iv learned sooo much in such a short period of time. Iv studied the works of mark.. sean croxton... Dr Briffa and of course Dr Atkins... and everyday im learning more and more

Now i preach LowcarbHighFat ALL day long. I teach my friends and work colleges.. and even tho i think they are gona think im crazy.. the all say the same thing.. it ALL makes sense. I started to educate so much i even made my own blog.. The Diet Trap | EAT MORE EXERCISE LESS its new so dont laff

I am a Muslim living in London. So you know what that means... No grass fed cows o well

my mission: convert the world to the paloe/primal/LCHF way of eating..

Anyway iv FINALLY decided to join the forum, Just fort id say hi.