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Thread: Less fat to lose = harder to get rid of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemonized View Post
    Right now, I am having a harder time losing the last few pounds that I want to than I did in the beginning. According to my measurements I'm somewhere between seven and eight percent body fat and I weigh less now than I ever though was possible for me to get down to. I need to lose maybe a pound or two to have my abs fully out and proud. I am making progress, but I'm also being very strict right now and working for it much harder than I did before. Hang in there.
    So wait, your abs don't show at 7-8%? I thought they showed for any value under 10%. May need to tweak my goals...(currently at 13%, trying to get to 10%)

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    I have 5-10 lbs of fat to loose and can't seem to get the weight or tape measurements to budge. I am going to challenge myself into some strictness for May and see if I can't get some movement.
    -IF at least once a week for 16+ hours
    -MINIMAL fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, alcohol (my weaknesses)
    --> Going all in for 100%, but am not going to torture myself either

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    Yes, don't torture yourself because as previous posters have noted, if your body is at a place where it wants to be (% of body fat), it will not only resist further loss but will actually try to promote gain once you get there. You may get to your goal and find that you can't remain there for long.

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    Also, don't compare yourself to other people, you'll go crazy. Everyone's body is different, everyone's life circumstances are different.

    Good luck! I hope you get there soonest.

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