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Thread: Meat crisis!

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    I guess it's a matter of taste.
    The cocanut oil I have is definitely not refined or blanched in any way, but I didn't notice any cocanut flavor after using it to cook. I didn't use a lot, and then I did water it down so maybe that helped.

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    We just invested some of our tax return on local pastured beef. It's sweetened with spent brewery grains from a local brewer, and the test steaks and ground that we tried were good. We are paying just under a grand for 278# hanging weight, which will net a bit less after processing. We should still end up paying under $5 lb for good meat, and support a local farmer too.

    A 7 cubic ft freezer is pretty cheap at Best Buy or your box store of choice, and holds plenty of meat.

    We don't have kids, smart phones or cable, and we do make decent food a priority. Everything I eat makes up every cell of my body. How can I justify not buying or growing the best? And cost aside, factory meat just tastes nasty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    One can buy refined deoderized bleached coconut oil. Quality virgin coconut oil does indeed have a flavor that is not appropriate for all foods.
    That is exactly why I have a jar of expeller-pressed and a jar of virgin CO.

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    I eat like I make my pemmican. I buy the grass-fed beef tallow but lean cheap steaks from a local butcher. All the good stuff is in the fat so that's where I spend the extra money for grass-fed. That's just for steak though. I buy local grass-fed or Trader Joe's NZ lamb. I also eat a lot of cheap chicken breasts from that local butcher but I also eat a lot of wild salmon. Hopefully it balances out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdlee73 View Post
    As far as fish, I don't mind Cod or Tilapia...but I've heard of a lot of mixed messages about farmed Tilapia.
    Be wary of any farmed fish coming from China, especially Tilapia, because they are bottom feeders so they are feeding off the bottom of terribly polluted water.

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    Just wanted to clarify the difference between coconut oils. Unrefined has coconutty flavor, refined does not. They're all awesome and their benefits are countless.
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