When I first went primal I binged on a lot of conventional bacon, sausage, chicken thighs, steak, etc. and was pretty successful with slimming down. In the last couple months I started buying some grass fed ground beef when I could. Then I started reading more info about the really unhealthy fat profiles of conventional meats and have gotten to the point where I'm afraid to buy conventional meat. I get that the pastured stuff is better, but its simply does not fit in my budget right now.

So what is the best option to get some good meats, fat, and protein in my diet? I eat a lot of eggs (omega 3 eggs from Costco) and avocados but don't like salmon, sardines, or the flavor of coconut (thus I'm afraid to commit to coconut oil).

Am I okay with getting lean red meat and conventional chicken breasts? I'll still get grass fed when I can, but I'm finding that I'm staying pretty hungry and need more fat and protein from meats.