I've been eating primally for about 2 months now but frustratingly I haven't lost any weight. I'll lose a bit, gain a bit and basically stay the same. Before Christmas last year, I was eating primally for about a month and lost a bit of weight. I fell off the wagon big time over Christmas and put on 11lbs! I've lost some of that, but am not back to my pre-christmas weight yet.

I haven't been 100% primal 100% of the time - I do occasionally give in to laziness/lack of choices (esp when at others' houses) and have something non primal, but for the most part, I am eatings lots of veggies, not much fruit, good fats like nuts and avocado, plenty of meat, fish and eggs and leave out the grains and sugar. Kicking the sugar is harder than the grains!

I feel like I'm doing the right thing most of the time but the odd slip up is stopping me from making progress.

I'm also not exercising much at the moment - I had been attending an aqua aerobics class and a pilates class but have had to stop these due to tricky finances. I'm also hampered by a repetitive strain injury to my knee which is making even walking painful at the moment.

I'm female and about 260lbs, so I'd really like to get going on the weightloss as I've got a long way to go! I definitely feel better for eating in this way, but need to see results on the scales/in my clothes size too!

Any suggestions?