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Thread: I'm at my goal weight..what now?

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    I'm at my goal weight..what now?

    Well near on four months of primal has me 30lbs lighter and feeling great.

    Not quite sure whats going to happen now. I'm always going to be primal, but weight loss is not a concern anymore as I don't have any to lose.

    How do others adjust to maintaining instead of losing?
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    Caution! My replies may contain traces of nuts!. My posts are just my opinion based on my experience with the primal way of life, there is no assurance it will work with others in the same way.

    Started Primal 15th October 2012
    Height 5'9"
    Start weight 200lb
    Loss so far 33.8lbs, now 166.2lb
    Goal was 168lb's

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