I am a part time Martial arts enthusiast/Teacher. Kind of moderate MMA training (Boxing/Kickboxing/Wrestling).
Not crazy like some one preparing for a Fight...but enough to hurt.

I'm +45 with sports wear and tear/repetitive stress injuries.
Shoulders, wrists, knees, back, Plantar Fasciitis....just enough to be annoying and constantly in some kind of pain.

Over the last few months I have cleaned up my diet, started moderate running (barefoot/minimalist).
Have lost almost 30 pounds and trying to balance my life out.
I enjoy Hunting/Hiking! Archery, walk every day, Cycle or walk whenever possible, trying to develop a swimming habit.
I'm JUST starting into the Primal Blueprint.

In the past few years I have been on a cycle where I get Strong, get injured, slowly recover and then start over.
It's getting old (and I'm getting older too!)

How do you find your balance?
I enjoy Martial Arts until my Back goes out (old muscle tear) and I literally can't walk for days at a time and it interferes with my work and Daddy duties.
And the Plantar Fascittis flares up badly....

My wife wants me to just do Yoga but then I don't get to hit any body (unless there's a new form of Yoga I don't know about

Thanks for any advice.
Learning lots around here.