One of the most knowledgeable real-food bloggers I know, and a dear friend, is offering an AMAZING deal on a collection of phenomenal digital health resources. She was perhaps THE most important resource in my own learning about how to heal my own and my son's health issues via food, and led me towards choosing a real food and primal/paleo way of eating. Seriously, it's amazing...Check it out!!!

Hope you all are doing well MDAers!!! <3

EXTREME digital "Health Library" bundle available for 10 days only!
53 digital products. Retail Value $835.32 - bundle package is priced at only $39.97.

13 Safe Detox Resources
11 Holistic Health Guides
10 Optimizing Nutrition Resources
10 Herbal Remedies and Recipes Resources
9 Ferments & Gluten-free 'How To'
16 products over 95 pages long, (valued at $375.76)
9 products over $25 each, (valued at $326.98)
5 Videos (+ demo videos), over 4.5 hours (valued at $121.89)
2 Audio products, 120 minutes total

Details HERE: Art of Healing Extreme Digital Health Library | The Art of Healing