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Thread: Kniquel's Primal Journal

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    Kniquel's Primal Journal

    Today is the first day I really sat down and started this journey.

    I had been attempting to reconcile with my boyfriend that I just broke up with and I made a decision last night to give myself one year to be alone and work on me and focus on me. That means facing the fact that I feel horrible and tired all the time and I'm so tired of feeling like that.

    I bought the book the Breakup Bible and I will work through it and my journal here and really have a deep need to meet the girl that I've covered up underneath all of this weight.

    I started eating cleaner a few weeks ago, but had some tiny slips and was truly surprised at how really bad they made me feel physically. It was just like having a hangover. That was a nice wakeup call and has really given me the will not to crave crap. I'm grateful for that. That's a hell of a good start.

    I'm about to hit the grocery store to stock up on chicken, meat and more fruits and veggies. I hate fricking cooking so I'm going to try to keep this as simple as possible (any suggestions on how to accomplish that would be FABULOUS!)

    Kimberly Niquel

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