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    Hunk of roast chicken (vary your seasonings) with fruit or veg. Best bet for a staple you can do easily and quickly (roast a chicken on Sunday night and you'll have chicken for lunch every day of the week!).
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    I eat leftovers from the night before, if there are some. But a can of sardines or 3 hardboiled eggs are good for me also.
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    I really like tuna mixed with avocado. You can add mustard or salsa for extra flavor. The avocado is such a good substitute for mayo! I get a really nice tuna that's line caught and still has a bit higher fat content than the traditional stuff (thank you, Costco). This is also great with canned salmon.

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    Leftovers, full fat greek yogurt with some berries and walnuts or almonds, lunch meat rolls (roll up some quality organic/nitrate free lunch meat around full fat cheese and/or veggies like carrot sticks), BAS - Big Ass Salad - with protein and greens you like - like grilled chicken, flank steak or shrimp. Carrot shavings, nuts, and dried or fresh fruit go well with this. (I like to do "asian" chicken salad with chopped ice berg lettuce and cabbage, grilled chicken, shaved almonds, chopped green onions, sesame seeds and mandarin oranges).
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    Another vote for leftovers. There are a ton of cool thermos/insulated containers that can keep leftovers warm for a while.

    Or do a leftover "remake." Turn your leftover roast beef or chicken into a "wrap" (wrap meat in a lettuce leaf with veggies). That sort of thing.

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    My brunch today at 3 PM; 100 gram of lowfat fresh cheese, 1/4 cup of red wine as "salsa", 2 tblspoon of coconut flakes lots of cinneamon, 1 gram of Splenda...

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    I think cold meat seems to be the favourite solution, no can do on the cheese (which sucks) as it gives me real bad stomach pains (milk is fine so dont think its lactose) I have tried IF at work but find I usually crack in the afternoon as my job is pretty physically demanding so it can be hard to keep going all day I found. Thanks

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